Hearing aid in ear SO EASY!

Brand Name NewSound
Model Number Bee200
Type Professional Amplifier
Channels 2 Channels
Place of Origin Fujian, China (Mainland)
Category Heairng health product
Function Professional amplifier
Feature Digital trimmer based
Color Black
Advantage Digital;comfortable;cheap
Hearing aid Type in ear;internal hearing aid
Battery 10 zinc air battery
Warranty available, one to two years
Suitable for most people, especially first-time wearers
Shipping Courier service by DHL/TNT

Detailed Product Description

Heairng aids in ear-Bee
1.100% Digital 2 Channels
2.Magnetic Sensing Memory Switch
3.ISO13485, CE, FDA approved

New hearing aids SMALLEST, digital - BEETLE!  


One of world’s smallest modular CIC-Beetle!





Bee knows what you will choose.


Invisible as you want

    Smart as you like

        Affordable as you ask.


Bee applies NewSound MS2 (Magnetic Sensing Memory Switch) Technology!

The breakthrough non-contact Magnetic Sensing Memory Switch Technology uses a magnetic wand. By removing the magnetic wand to the front of the hearing device, a listening program is triggered.

From quiet to noisy environments and in various occasions, best sound quality is easier to reach. Now, “Bee” free in your listening world!






* 100% Digital Processing for Exceptional Sound Quality
* 2 Channels WDRC Compression
* 12 Bands Frequency Shaping
* Output Compression Limiting (AGC-O)
* Low Battery Warning
* Memory Switch Tone
* Magnetic-Controlled Memory Switch
* Ajusting the Volume (VC Trimmer)
* Ajusting the Gain of Low Frequency (H Trimmer) 


Domes: 3 sizes available 9mm/12mm/15mm


Battery: 10A Battery


Magnetic Wand:
1. to clean the hearing aid body

2. to switch the listening programmes

3. to help remove the battery

4. to adjust the trimmers 



Magnetic Wand.jpg




 Technical Data


Technical DataBee200
Peak OSPL 90 (dB SPL)108
HFA OSPL 90 (dB SPL)103
Peak Gain (dB)30
HFA Full on Gain (dB)22
HFA Frequencies (KHz)1.0,1.6,2.5
Frequency Range250-6000
Total Harmonic Distortion:  
500Hz (%)1.0
800Hz (%)1.0
1600Hz (%)1.0
EQ Input Noise (dB)25
Battery Current (mA)1




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