Angle Bead

Place of Origin Hebei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name tieling
Model Number yld07
Material Galvanized Plate
Finishes hot dipped zinc coating or electro galvanizing

Detailed Product Description

Corner Bead/concrete bead/angle bead
Used in plasterwork
Protect corner plastering against cracks or c

Angle Bead

We supply typically three kinds of angle beads: standard angle bead, stop bead and
strengthened plaster bead.

Standard Angle Bead provides straight corners for the walls when used over irregular surfaces. Plaster bead is used to effectively terminate plaster edge in a straight line at doors, windows and other openings, also used when plaster meets dissimilar material.

Stop Bead provides more surface area to receive sealants, protects insulation boards while applying sealants or primers. Used with all thickness of insulation boards. Stop bead enhances appearance of straight edges.

Angle bead can also be made of perforated metal: The intricate pattern of holes allows mud to penetrate through the bead to the drywall. The bead becomes part of the wall.
Perforated corner beads are adapt to framing irregularities and to match appropriate screed heights. Furnishes are galvanized steel and zinc (99% pure zinc) alloy.

Profile No.TypeLength in cmPacking lengths per BundleRender thickn. in mmMaterial
3707PVC Cornerbead with mesh250503+PVC(9)
3752PVC Cornerbeadwith mesh 1 roll of 50m3+PVC(9)
9075Aluminium Cornerbead with mesh250503+Aluminium(9)
2031Stainless Cornerbead with mesh250503+Stainless Steel




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