Alkaline water ionizer

Supply Ability: 100000 Set/Sets per Year

Detailed Product Description

Filter material
Fiber activated carbon filter from America with NSF certificate
Electrodes material
Japanese high-tech baked titanium platinum electrolysis chamber and ceramic membrane
Display content
( LED display)
alkaline water, acid water, purified water, cleansing and filter longevity
Electrolysis levels
Four levels of alkaline water, one purified water and two levels of acid water
PH value
3 Plates and 2 Pairs (PH 4.5-9.5)
5 Plates and 4 Pairs (PH 4-10) Note: reference value
PH Subtle adjustment
126 levels of PH value
Filter longevity
Original 6000L setting volume, the replacing light will light up when it reaches this volume. Filter life lasts from one year to one and a half year.
ORP value
3 Plates and 2 Pairs-650mv (MAX)
5 Plates and 4 Pairs-850mv (MAX) Note: reference value
Rated voltage
AC220V 50/60HZ (110V Specially ordered)
Consuming power
Max 180W for 3 Plates and 3 Pairs;
Max 230W for 5 Plates and 4 Pairs; 1.7 Win standby
Input water pressure
Size and weight
About H310mm×W220mm×D125mm about 4.0Kg
Electrodes cleansing
The Ionizer does automatic cleansing for about 10 seconds after the utilization of alkaline water with 50 L extra cleansing. (The cleansing light will light up).

How does EHM-819 make alkaline water?

The tap water in the municipal city is the water source of our machine. Firstly filtering tap water through four filters and absorbing and other processions and then decomposing by Electrolysis Chamber, due to the influence of hydrogen bond, the ordinary tap water is composed of 13 to 15 small molecular clusters, when the water enter into the electrolysis chamber, the hydrogen bond of water molecule is opened with the influence of electric field and produces the small molecular cluster water with 5 to 6 water molecules. At the same time, the positive ions such as Ca2+Mg2+K+H+ and so on in solution move toward the negative pole with the influence of electric field. According to the strength of electro negativitycapability, H ion has a reduction then the electro negativity becomes hydrogen. Due to the fact that the density of H ion decreases, the hydroxide root ion is thicker and then water become weak alkaline with the PH up to 7, the water produced in this pole is alkaline water. At the time , in the positive pole some of negative ions such as Cl-SO42-NO3-NO2-OH- etc move to positive pole. Among plenty of negative ions, the hydroxide root ion loses electrodes easterly and then has an oxidative reaction and produce oxygen and water with the loss of electrodes. At the same, the density of H ions rises because density of the hydroxide root ion decreases so the water becomes weak acid with PH down to 7 so the water produced is acid ionic water. The chemistry formulas in two poles are as follows:

In negative pole: 2H2O+2e=2OH-+H2
In positive pole: 2H2O-4e=4H++O2

Warranty policy:

pls rest asured the quality of the water ionizers, we offer you three years  free warranty.If you have any quality problems within 60days ,we will refund you.

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